LLP Formation


Documents required for incorporation of LLP:

  1. ID proof of all the partners (PAN card is mandatory in case of resident partners)
  2. Address proof of all the partners (i.e. passport, driving license, election card, electricity bill, telephone bill, Aadharetc.)
  3. 1 passport size photograph of all the partners.
  4. Address proof for LLP (Electricity bill/property tax bill) should not be older than 2 months self-attested by one of the partners.
  5. If a business premise is rented then rent agreement, otherwise NOC from the owner.

Information Required for Incorporation of LLP:

  1. Name of the proposed LLP.
  2. Email Id and mobile number of all the partners.
  3. Total monetary value of contribution by partners in the LLP and their contribution ratio.
  4. Main object of proposed LLP.

Procedure for Incorporation of LLP:

  1. Apply for DIN number of all the partners by filing Form DIR-3 to ROC.
  2. Attachment in form DIR-3:
  • ID proof of the person
  • Address proof of the person
  • 1 passport size photo of the person.
  1. For Name Approval file ‘RUN LLP’ where you can fill 2 proposed names of LLP.
  2. Form FiLLiP is the application form for the incorporation of the LLP.
  3. Attachment in Form FiLLiP:
  • Subscriber sheet and consent.
  • PAN Card of Partner and Aadhar Card of Partners and Designated Partner
  • Proof of Registered office like Sale Deed/ Rent Agreement etc
  • Utility bill like electricity\Gas\Telephone Bill (Not Older Than 2 Month)
  • NOC of owner to use premises as registered office of company on Rs 10 Stamp paper.
  • Detail of LLP and company in which partner\designated partner is a director\Partner
  • Consent letter by all the partners to act as a designated partner of LLP.
  • Declaration by all partners on Rs 10 stamp paper each.
  1. After upload form FiLLiP, certificate of incorporation has been granted.
  2. LLP Agreement must be filed within 30Days of Incorporation in form 3.
  3. Attachment in form-3 of LLP:
  • LLP agreement on the stamp paper of minimum of Rs. 200 and should be notarized.
  • Following details to entered in witness for LLP Agreement:
  • Name, father name, address and occupation of witness.