Registration of VAT

Checklist for Supporting Documents for registration under Delhi VAT, 2004 Registration and Central Sales Tax, Act

  1. Incorporation certificate (certified by authorized signatory).
  2. Company Pan Card
  3. Proof of identity and address (e.g. Voter I Card, Passport, driving license duly attested by him) of authorized signatory signing the Registration Application form.
  4. Stamp Paper of Rs.500/-
  5. Branch Proof, if there is branch of company
  6. Copy of Board Resolution in favor of person, authorized to sign the application form.
  7. Part B of D Vat 4 (Application form) signed individually by each director Separately
  8. Places of business
    (a) Number of places of business.
    (b) Particulars of each place of business with either proof of ownership of the landlord from whom the premises has been taken on rent/lease or any utility bill in landlord name.
    (c) Copy of rent/lease agreement/deed and
    (d) No objection certificate to carry on business from landlord.
  9. One Photo of each director as well Managing Director
  10. Three photo of authorized signatory.
  11. Copy of Address ID and photo ID of each director
  12. A copy of special power of attorney in favor of authorized signatory.
  13. Power of Attorney
  14. Description and list of items in which the company deal or intends to deal in.
  15. A copy of First Purchase Bill duly certified by authorized signatory.A copy of First inter-State Sale bill duly certified by authorized signatory.
  16. Copy of G.R. /R.R. relating to goods dispatched for sale outside the State.
    (a) Photocopy of draft/cheque received for inter-state sale bill and bank statement consisting of such payment received.
    (b) Photocopy of draft/cheque payment for purchase bill and bank statement consisting of such payment made or any other proof of payment.
    One of above is needed.
  18. Details of Bank Account
    (a) Account Number
    (b) MICR Number
    (c) Name of Bank
    (d) Address of Bank
    A copy of cancelled cheque would serve purpose.
  19. Two self addressed envelopes (without stamps).
  20. Security/Surety Local 1 Lac
    (a) In form of Bank Guarantee. Rs.100000/- or Dealer Guaranty
    Name of Bank, addresses of Branch. With banker covering letter on their letter head
    (b) Security in DVAT 12 (can be reduced upto Rs. 50,000/- subject to submission of some documents like Ownership proof of principle place of business, residential property, passport copy, PAN, last electricity bill, telephone bill.
  21. Books of Accounts require at the time of visit of inspection officer.
  22. Account Number duly certified by authorized person.

Note: Points No.9, 10, and 11 in case of mandatory registration