Income Tax

  1.  Obtaining of Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  2.  Obtaining of Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN)
  3.  Preparation and filing of income tax returns
  4.  Preparation and filing of withholding tax returns (etds)
  5.  Consultancy on Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC) and issue of Form 15CB
  6.  Obtaining Certificate for Lower Deduction of TDS
  7.  Regulatory approvals/permissions from government and other
  8.  Assessment
  9.  Consultancy, planning and compliance
  10.  Advisory services in Double Taxation, International Taxation and Tax Treaties (DTAA)
  11.  Advisory services on withholding tax on foreign remittances such as royalties, etc.
  12.  Advisory services on taxation of expatriates and NRI
  13.  Transfer Pricing matters
  14.  Representation before Appellate Authorities

Central Sales Tax, State Sales Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT)

  1.  Registration
  2.  Calculation & Deposit of CST, Sales Tax and DVAT
  3.  Preparation and filing of returns
  4.  Assessment
  5.  Consultancy, planning and compliance
  6.  Representation before Appellate Authorities

Service Tax

  1.  Registration
  2.  Calculation & Deposit of service tax
  3.  Preparation and filing of returns
  4.  Matters related to refund, exemption, abatement and export of service
  5.  CENVAT credit analysis
  6.  Service Tax Audit assistance
  7.  Assessment
  8.  Consultancy and compliance
  9.  Representation before Appellate Authorities

Excise and Customs

  1.  Registration Under Central Excise
  2.  Registration Under Customs
  3.  Calculation & Deposit of excise tax
  4.  Preparation and filing of returns
  5.  Matters related to refund, exemption, abatement and export
  6.  CENVAT credit analysis
  7.  Excise Audit assistance
  8.  Assessment
  9.  Consultancy and compliance
  10.  Representation before Appellate Authorities

Wealth Tax

  1.  Registration under Wealth Tax Act, 1957, deposit of taxes, filing of returns and assessment
  2.  Consultancy, planning, compliance and assessment
  3.  Representation before Appellate Authorities

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