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    Each businessman is required to obtain a trade license if they wish to establish their trade or business in a certain location. Be quick! Take advantage of the exclusive incentives to obtain your trade license with Kaushalya Consultancy right away!

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    Trade License in Delhi

    A trade license is nothing more than a legal certificate or document issued by an official State Government entity (usually a local municipality). It permits the applicant (a person or party) to begin operating a business in a certain area or place. The business that obtains the license is required to abide by the authority's established rules and regulations. The business's trade license also certifies that it is not using any unethical practices that might endanger residents of the specified locality or area.

    At least 30 days before starting the business, the application must be submitted to the authority's authorized commissioner. During this time, the applicant or business must provide the necessary paperwork.

    Different types of trade license:

    1. Industries license: Small, medium, and large-scale manufacturing facilities require a license.
    2. Shop license: Trades that is dangerous and insulting, such as selling firewood, making crackers or candles, running a barbershop or laundry (dhobi) business, etc.
    3. Food establishment license: Restaurants, hotels, food carts, canteens, the sale of meat and veg, bakeries, etc. require a food establishment license.

    Who can Issue a Trade License?

    It is administered by the municipal corporation's licensing division in a number of areas, including industries, engineering, health, etc.

    The license is approved by the Indian government to enforce regulations in all of the nation's cities.

    It authorizes the conduct of any business or trade where it is located through letters, documents, or certificates. Depending on the norms and regulations of the municipal government agencies, the granting of the license differs from state to state.

    Eligibility for Applying for a Trade License Application

    The following criteria must be met in order to apply for a trade license:

    • The candidate must be older than 18 years old.
    • The candidate shouldn’t have any prior convictions.
    • The company should be able to operate legally.
    • Before beginning operations, commercial entities are required to get a trade license from the relevant municipal corporation:
      1. Local Commercial
      2. Commercial Shopping Complex (CSC)
      3. Commercial areas
      4. Community Centres
      5. Pedestrian shopping streets
      6. Metropolitan city centre
      7. Local Shopping Complex (LSC)
      8. Mixed Land Use (MLU)
      9. District Centres
      10. Service Centre or Service Market

    Overview of Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954

    The following guidelines are set forth in regulations under the Shop and Establishment Act, upon which the Delhi trade license is issued. Within 30 days after the start of work, every establishment/shop must compulsorily register under this Act. The Shops and Establishments Act governs the following business-related activities in India:

    1. A daily and weekly schedule of working hours.
    2. Provisions for overtime labour, rest breaks, opening and closing hours on closed days, and national and religious holidays.
    3. Regulating expectations for women, young people, and children in the workplace.
    4. Guidelines for compensated leaves of absence.
    5. Regulations and terms for hiring and terminating employees.
    6. Regulations pertaining to the preservation of documents and registrations.
    7. Both employers and employees have obligations.
    8. Protection measures against accidents, fire, etc.
    9. Laws governing the posting of notices.
    10. The duty of an employer and employee to one another, the business, and society.

    Why is it Required in India to Obtain a Trade license?

    The following explains needing to obtain this License:

    • In India, obtaining a trade license is mostly done to monitor and manage the market’s thriving firms.
    • The State Government can monitor and control corporate activity using this license. The same is carried out to guarantee that none of the commercial activities will endanger or injure any of the residents.
    • It makes it easier for the government to monitor all corporate activity.
    • Additionally, this license assures that all laws and regulations are observed by both the public and the authorities.
    • This license is required to prevent individuals from doing specific business operations from their homes.

    How to Get a Trade License

    The steps for obtaining an internet trade license are as follows:

    • Step 1: Sign up
      The candidate must first register their contact information, including complete name, email address, mobile number, and address. You will receive login credentials once all the information has been registered.
    • Step 2: Filling Out an application
      Once your login information has been created, log in and complete the application form as directed.
    • Step 3: Documentation
      After completing the previous stage, the applicant must gather all of the necessary documents and submit them. Keep in mind that all documents must be properly signed by the relevant authority.
    • Step 4: Confirmation
      After the applicant submits the required paperwork, representatives from the urban local bodies check it. A Unique Application Number (UAN) is created following the verification.
    • Step 5: Fee Payment
      After completing the above procedures, the applicant must pay the fees.
    • Step 6: Issue of License Number
      The License Number will be issued once all of the paperwork and the online process has been completed successfully. A company entity receives a trade license that is good for a year. Following that, the same license must be timely renewed to conduct business.

    Important Information: A site visit may be a part of the licensing process. In this situation, the responsible authority designates a representative to check the business location to make sure everything complies with the underlying conditions.

    Trade License Fees


    Since the trade licenses are issued by the local governments (Municipals) of each state, the fees differ from one to the next. The rules and regulations in effect in that particular state are used to establish the license fees. Trade licensing fees are assessed annually in several states. In contrast, it is determined in other states using the proportion of annual business turnover.

    List of Required Documents for Trade License

    The following details, records, or papers must be provided when submitting an application for a Delhi trade licence.

    • Proof of ID and individual address.
    • Bank statement affidavit and cancelled check
    • The MOA, AOA, and Certificate of Incorporation of the Company.
    • A letter of allotment from a government agency or documentation of the establishment’s/legitimate unit’s occupancy.
    • Documentation attesting to a business’s establishment.
    • The Lease Deed of the Constitution.
    • Documentation proving there was no unauthorised construction.
    • The NOC of the land-owning entity (No Objection Certificate).

    Validity of the Trade License

    The Trade License Certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of issuance. It must therefore be renewed every 3 years by paying a license fee for that time period.

    Check Status of the Trade License Application

    To find out the progress of your application, visit the MCD's official online portal website- https://mcdonline.nic.in/. On the website, you must select the Application Status option. Add your application number and press the "Submit" button to verify the status of your application.

    Trade License Renewal

    By choosing the Renew License link from the official website and clicking on the "Renewal" link, applicants can submit an application for a trade licence renewal. Once you have made the required payment for the renewal, your application for a trade license will be finished. Documents needed to renew a trade license

    • Address and ID Proof
    • Original License Copy
    • Old G-8 Receipt
    • License Renewal Application

    How to Download Trade License online?

    Once your application has been accepted, a notification will be sent to the registered mobile number you provided. The website for the relevant state's records will receive an update with the trade license's data. Enter both the application number and the certificate number on the official website. After that, click "Submit." Finally, you can get a copy of the trading licence certificate.

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    Recent Trade Licenses 2022 Updates

    1. Ashok Leyland will begin operations at the Bhandara, Pantnagar, and Alwar Plants on April 23, 2022. Ashok Leyland, a well-known automaker, was given approval to resume operations at its Bhandara, Pantnagar, and Alwar plants. In the midst of this lockout, the news causes Ashok Leyland shares to rise 4%.
    2. On April 6, 2022, traders in Orissa risk losing their trading licenses. Traders in Orissa are required to make sure the social distance laws are adhered to at their establishments or risk losing their license. This step has been launched by the state government as a defense against COVID-19.

    Why Kaushalya Consultancy?

    We connect you with reputable experts and work together with them to meet all of your legal requirements. Additionally, you may always keep tabs on the progress on our web platform. We guarantee a smooth interaction with the government by taking care of all the paperwork. To help people have reasonable expectations, we provide clarity on the incorporation procedure.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    To assure that a person is not engaging in any unethical business practices and is adhering to the pertinent laws, regulations, safety precautions, and government-made directives, a trade license is required. Additionally, it shields the company's owner from some liabilities. Different types of business licences provide varying levels of protection.

    30 days before the start of your firm, you can submit an application for a trade license.

    Yes, a trade licence is required in Delhi to operate a restaurant.

    Fees are calculated as a percentage of the property's annual rental value and are payable within 30 days of receiving the bill. Depending on the type of business, percentages range from 2% to 25%.


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